Signs and Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your House

Running water is such a constant in our lives that it’s easy to take it for granted. It’s not uncommon for problems to occur with our water supply which can leave us with no access to water for days.

In fact, even when your water is working, experiencing issues with water pressure can be just as frustrating. 

If this is a problem you have encountered recently, don’t worry, Around the Bend are here to help you out! Here’s what to do if you’ve experienced low water pressure.

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What is low water pressure?

Low water pressure is simply when the water that comes out of plumbing fixtures, such as taps or shower heads, weakly dribbles out rather than sprays out at the speed and volume that you would expect.

If you’re experiencing water pressure issues, you will find that a number of your usual daily tasks, such as showering and washing dishes, will become much more drawn out and frustrating. 

What causes low water pressure?

Obstructed shutoff valve: If you’ve just bought a new home or you have recently had work done on your property, there is a chance that the water valves were not fully opened.

If the water valve is closed, even just partially, you may be restricting the amount of water entering your home. To fix, simply ensure the valve is open fully.

Leaky pipes: Hopefully this isn’t the case, but low water pressure could be the result of damaged pipes. This is because, if water is escaping out of the pipes, not all of it will make it to your tap. 

If you’re concerned that you might have leaky pipes, the best thing to do is to simply call your local plumber to take a look.

Clogged pipes: Clogged water pipes are one of the most common causes of low water pressure.

These clogs usually happen when your home is supplied water through iron pipes. Iron is particularly vulnerable to rusting, and this rust can break off and cause an obstruction within your piping system.

You may also encounter the problem of things like dirt, gravel or sand entering the water and creating mineral deposits which further block water flowing from the mains water supply.

Unfortunately, if you think you might have clogged pipes, you will need to call your plumber as soon as possible, as this can be a difficult problem to solve.

A weak pump: If your pump is over two years old, then this could well be the problem with your water pressure.

It will either be malfunctioning or simply not have the same power output it used to. 

We wouldn’t recommend trying to fit a new pump yourself as it could easily go wrong. Your best bet is to call a local plumber who will be able to fit it quickly and accurately for you.

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