Mistakes People Make When Setting Their Thermostats

  • Setting the thermostat to the wrong temperature can lead to discomfort and energy waste. The recommended range is between 18-21 degrees Celsius for most homes.
  • Trying to heat the room up quickly by setting the temperature too high doesn’t work and only wastes energy.
  • Keeping the heating on all the time is inefficient; it’s better to use a timer to turn it on when needed, such as in the morning and evening.
  • Installing the thermostat in a room with an uncharacteristically cold or warm temperature can lead to inaccurate readings. It’s best to install it on an interior wall about five feet above the floor for an accurate reading of the overall home temperature.

Whether you’re a student making your first foray into the world of rented accommodation, or a seasoned adult who knows a little less than they would care to admit, there’s no judgement here.

Thermostats aren’t always the most intuitive devices, so if you’re a little worried about fiddling with one, here’s a list of some of the common mistakes people make when setting their thermostats, and how you can avoid them.

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Setting the wrong temperature

Let’s start with the easiest problem to make: setting the wrong temperature. I

t’s all well and good knowing how to tweak your thermostat, but if you don’t know the right temperature to set it to, you’re only going to end up wasting energy and making you, and anyone you live with, feel uncomfortable. 

For most homes, it’s recommended to keep the thermostat between 18-21 degrees.

This is what most people would consider to be room temperature, and it’s also the most efficient setting for your boiler, where you can get the most heat out of the boiler for the energy you’re using.

However, if you have an older relative in the house, or someone who is prone to stiff joints, then you might want to consider bumping this temperature up by a couple of degrees for their comfort.

Trying to heat the room up quickly by setting the temperature too high

If you’re a student, then you probably know someone who lives in your house that thinks turning up the thermostat really high will heat the house quicker (if not, then it could be you).

Of course, this is absolutely not true, and will only lead to wasting energy. This is because the thermostat itself has no control over how quickly your house heats up, all it does is set the temperature for your boiler to aim at.

In essence, it’s a temperature limiter.

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Having your heating on all the time

For some, sorting out the heating is as simple as turning it on, but if you care at all about your energy usage, this isn’t something that we would recommend doing. I

t’s always best to try and put your heating on a timer so it comes on in the morning before you get up and once again in the evening when you’re home from work.

This way, you can stay warm when it matters without overdoing it on the energy usage front.

Installing the thermostat in an uncharacteristically cold or warm room

Ideally, you want the temperature of the room where the thermostat is installed to reflect the general temperature of your home.

This makes it much easier for the device to accurately program setback temperatures and will be overall more efficient for your home.

We recommend installing a thermostat on interior walls about five feet above the floor, as this should give you an accurate, uncompromised reading.

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