5 Common Shower Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Showering is part of our daily routine, and so when our shower starts to malfunction, we’re really going to notice it. If you’re at the end of your tether with a faulty shower, just take a look at this guide to the most common shower problems and how to fix them. 

Clogged drains

Hair and soap scum are the enemies of a functioning shower, and gradual buildup can leave you with a clogged drain and slow-draining water flow. Sometimes it’s just a simple, yet grim, task of fishing out the accumulated hair every now and then. But other times, the blockages may be more extensive and require the use of a plumbing snake or a mix of baking soda and vinegar – be careful, though, or you might find that you cause more damage than good. If your drains repeatedly become clogged and it’s becoming an issue, it’s always best to get a professional to take a look. 

Low water pressure

A disappointing shower is often the result of low water pressure. Firstly, check if the shower head has a buildup of limescale which could be impeding the water flow – remove the head and soak it in distilled vinegar for half an hour to clean off the limescale. If this doesn’t do the job, then an expert plumber, such as the team at Around the Bend Plumbing, can help you determine if the problem is caused by something deeper in your pipe system before suggesting and implementing a solution. 

Bursts of scaldieng hot water

Sometimes, another person in your household can flush the toilet, snatching away the cold water and blasting you with scalding hot water in the middle of a shower. One tip to avoid this is to install a high-efficiency toilet, as this reduces the amount of water required for the toilet to flush properly. 

Noises and rattling

Whether it’s a loud hum or the rattling of pipes, noisy showers can be an indication of a problem that needs addressing. One potential cause could be loose fittings and pipes, so just tighten everything up and secure it as best you can to see if this fixes the problem. Another solution could be to adjust your mixing valve – though to do this correctly may need the help of a trained plumber. 

Weird smells

A smelly shower can only be a bad sign. Check for mould first and clean off any visible signs of infestation, though sometimes mould can be hidden, especially if there is a leak in your bathroom that you’re unaware of. If the smell is coming from your drains or plughole, however, then this could be indicating a blockage which needs attention. Whatever the issue, don’t ignore smells and get a professional plumber to pinpoint the cause and offer a swift solution. 

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